skin-secrets-med-spa-acne-treatment-before-after-photosLiving with minor to acute acne problems can lower self-confidence and make even the most enjoyable social activities difficult to face.

Acne treatments at Skin Secrets Medical Spa in Greenwood Village work to target the source of the problem with revolutionary procedures and products that offer effective solutions. With over 20 years of experience working in skin care, Dr. Greta McLaren and her team of professionals are ready to introduce you to long-lasting results for your skin type.

The method we use involves chemical peels and topical treatments that target bacteria, which is often the root of acne. We use a combination of peels, LED light, micro, and a targeted home care plan, designed specifically for your needs. Acne treatment is not a one size fits all.  We look to find the root of the cause and treat you accordingly. 

Acne facial treatments with Dr. McLaren can help restore your skin and your confidence with a solution that works! We are a pioneer practice in Denver for cosmetic procedures, giving each or our patients one-on-one care to bring out their natural beauty. Call today to set up a free consultation with a doctor to talk about your skincare problems to start working on results!


* individual results may vary.